“Kroberts K9 is the absolute best training for our dog that we could have ever asked for. Kellen and his team are extremely detail oriented and truly care about your dog and the family experience moving forward. Its the best money weve ever spent, knowing we can always reach out to them for help if needed. HIGHLY RECCOMEND!”

Stephanie Robinett
“Kellen and his trainers are great! We were worried that our Finn (an Irish Doodle) might come home ‘broken’ or distant but it was just the opposite. He came home just as goofy and sweet as ever, but with manners and self control and respect! Kellen and his trainers did a great job with Finn. They were always updating us and explaining everything every step of the way. We highly, highly recommend them!”

Becky Everett
I cannot say enough about how great kellen and his team was for Tyson. I sent my 1 year old Shepherd for Kellens advanced obedience training program and it was honestly the best decision I have ever made. Tyson was a wild, out of control boy and picking him up I was absolutely amazed and all smiles seeing how great he was. 10000% recommend!

Stephanie Marie
“We took Schwytzer to see Kellen today for his follow up after his Board and train. A great time of going over his training and a time for Kellen to critique us. I must say it went very well. Such encouraging words from Kellen. Our Schwytzer was a “wild child” before going through training. We are still amazed at all that Krobertsk9, Llc and his team taught him and us. If you are looking for someone to train your dog and you we highly recommend Kroberts K9, LLC!”

Patricia & Mike Mears
“Our Golden Retriever, Bailey was such a rambunctious puppy, loves everyone, but just a little too much, Roberts K9 helped to get her settled down. She is a much better behaved dog. A great change, and the in home training was fabulous, they spent two hours with us going over everything and making sure we had the commands right. These guys are doing a wonderful job! If you are having any issues with your dog, they can help.”

Mary Humphries
Bailey – Golden retriever



“Kellen trained our boy Cooper for advanced off leash training and I can say that he came back a totally different dog !! Well behaved and well mannered, we would recommend Kroberts K9 to everyone!”

Greg Robinson
“Fanci came home today and I was so excited. She left home at the first of the month such a wild mess. She came home today so we’ll behaved. Like a child that has grown and learned for year. Kellen Roberts has done an awesome job with her. If anyone needs any type of dog training he is your guy!!! Thank you Kellen your the best!!”

Thrower Family
“After losing our family dog of 11 years, we were hesitant to start over. Because of Kellen, we were so glad we did. He trained Millie, a 3 month old golden retriever, and allowed us to enjoy her without all the headaches that come with the new puppy stage. I cannot recommend Kellen enough – he was worth EVERY cent. Without him, we would not have made the commitment to another dog. We are enjoying the fruit of his labor and our sweet Millie!”

Miles Family
Millie-Golden retriever
“Kellen is amazing! We got a new golden puppy after losing our last at 11 years old. Initially I believed I could train her myself since I had before. Turns out having a puppy with a husband, 2 kids and a job is not the same as single and in college 😂. Our Ellie is extremely high energy and was too excited around my small children. She ended up being crated a lot during the day. We wanted her to a happy member of the family and that wasn’t the way. Kellen took Ellie for training and she came back a new dog! Same personality of course but she is now able to join the family most of the day and not have absolute chaos with the kids. She is respectful and no longer tramples them constantly. She can now hang in the backyard while they play, go to the lake and other trips with us without being stressful for all. Everyone is much happier. Thank you so much, Kellen, for everything. Next time we bring a new pup into our home, he will be the first call! Highly recommend him to anyone.”

Wilkins Family
Ellie-Golden retriever
“Nothing short of amazing! We are very pleased with the results already! We appreciate the ongoing training that Kellen does WITH us to ensure proper training and reinforcement at home. We look forward to the continuing improvements and can’t recommend Kroberts K9 enough! Thank you, thank you! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

Dunn Family
“we got our Australian shepherd back today. he is a totally different dog. kellen did awesome considering duke is so young. we highly recommend Kroberts K9. we cant thank him enough.”

Wallace Family
Duke- Australian Shepherd
“I am so grateful that we sent Lola for this training. She was always a good dog but as you can see very large. We now have control of her and she’s proof you can teach an older dog new tricks! We are looking forward to in house training to help us learn how to integrate her training with the rest of our pack. We sure missed her but we now have a better, lovable hound. Thank the Roberts family for what you do. It takes a special bond with animals and ya’ll certainly have it and a patient wife! LOL. The Sheets would highly recommend his training method with any kind of dog!”

Sheets family
“Kellen has done an amazing job with my dog Roczen. Roczen has a special condition called mega esophagus, and Kellen was eager to learn about the condition and still be able to treat Roczen like a normal dog. We are so thankful for Kellen and his family, and for them taking Roczen into their home with open arms. He has been able to learn and socialize with other dogs in different environments, all while keeping his spunky little personality. I would recommend Kellen over anyone! Definitely the best investment we have made for our dog, that will last throughout his lifetime! ❤️🐾”

Kaley & Ethan Roberts
“Kellen is awesome! Got my GS when he was 5 months old so he didn’t want to listen at all. Kellen worked his magic with him and got him the way I wanted him to be. Couldn’t be more happy! Highly recommend KRoberts K9!! Very happy with the results!”

Jordan & Jordan Moore
Zeus- GSD
“We can not THANK YOU !! Enough for training out Baxter!! You treated him with Great care and love thru it all!
We are enjoying the new calm Baxter and ZERO Stress for us or him.
If you need help with your pet KRoberts K9 is the BEST!!
We tried several training programs before with no success Baxter was very stubborn
But Kell broke thru with him and we are forever grateful!”

Johnson family
Baxter- Labradoodle
“Kellen did a fantastic job with our 10 month old German Shepherd. She barked a lot. We could not control herself and she was destroying things around the house. Lots of anxiety. She is more calm and can be controlled. He not only trains the dog, he trains the owner too. I highly recommend Kroberts K9.”

Vera Family
“Kellen has an amazing skill and drive in training dogs. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with him, and I hope to do so again in the future as well. I raise labradoodles, for service and therapy purposes, and he has taken a puppy with excellent potential and continues to guide her on her journey into the working dog world. I 100% recommend KRobertsK9”

Dessies Doodles
“I took my energetic dogs, Huck and Tilly for training because Huck is big and goofy and sometimes hard to control and Tilly is a coonhound and chases everything that moves. After six weeks such a transformation! Both are well behaved and it is a JOY to walk them and to take them different places! I also suspect that Kellen might agree that, so far, Tilly is his most improved student!:) Thanks to Kellen and Braden for all that you do!

“KRoberts K9 is the real deal. We were told our beautiful German Shepherd was destined to be put down, but after 7 weeks in this program, our Bear has become one of the most enjoyable family members. This place literally can save your pets life!! Best money we ever spent. Thank you guys for all the great work!!”


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