I founded KRoberts K9 to help people who have tried everything and don’t see any results. I know how much joy a dog brings to a family and equally how much of a headache an untrained dog can be. You can have an obedient, well mannered, happy dog no matter now bad things may seem at the moment. That’s my guarantee for you!

Meet The Founder- Kellen Roberts

Kellen is a dog trainer with 7 years of experience training dogs, ranging from pet obedience to working dogs (scent detection, protection dogs, IGP sport dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs). Kellen has trained over hundreds of dogs from border patrol in Texas, has placed several dogs to work in police departments, and has therapy dogs in the school systems in Wisconsin and throughout Alabama. Kellen currently is competing in IGP dog sport with his two personal working line German-shepards, Arlo and Deya. The high level of training and precision required for this sport helps Kellen be a better trainer for all Kroberts K9 clients. He is dedicated to the well-being and relationship with owner and dog foundation and wants to help create a healthy and strong relationship with the owner and their dog. Kellen is committed to daily learning and furthering his education in dog training. He strives to learn something new everyday while attending multiple seminars throughout the year and learning from other trainers as well. His mindset of constant growth equips him to be the best trainer for all of KRoberts K9 clients and dogs.

Head trainer-Braden Roberts

Braden has over two years of experience has worked with over hundreds of dogs of all different breeds. Braden strives to become the best teacher he can be for the KRoberts K9 families by constantly learning and studying other trainers and putting those techniques to practice. His training journey began when he started working with his personal dog on reactivity issues. Braden’s goal is to improve the relationship and quality of life between dogs and owners in as many homes as possible.

Founded by Kellen Roberts, KRoberts K9 offers off-leash training servicing residents in Calhoun County, Birmingham and Gasden, Alabama.

The family owned business differs from other off-leash training because of the custom training program designed just for your dog. Together we take a hands-on approach to training a better pet for you and your family.

Want To Learn More?

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