At Kroberts K9 We Focus On Teaching Your Dog To Be Reliable Off-Leash In Any Environment As Well As Eliminating Any Behavioral Problems Your Dog May Have.

What We Do

  • Are you tired of your dog pulling on the leash so hard they pull you down?
  • Does your dog run out of the house and stay gone for hours at a time?
  • Does your dog ignore you every time you call them?
  • Does your dog act crazy and jump all over your house guest?
  • Is your dog aggressive toward other dogs or people?
  • Are you scared to take your dog for a walk because of what you might encounter that will set your dog off?
  • Is your dog destructive in the house?
  • Do you wish you didn’t have to go through the hassle of attaching a leash just to let your dog out to potty?

You are not alone! There’s hope for you and your dog no matter what age, breed, or how severe your problems are.    

You CAN have a dog that’s reliable, respectful, and understands boundaries in any situation and environment, without a leash!

We Can Help

Dogs have a language of their own and its important that they are spoken to in the proper way. Using bad training advice or treating them like a human will only confuse them and make existing problems worse.

We use up to date behavioral psychology and training techniques to properly communicate with dogs in ways that they understand.

At the end of our training your dog will have 100% clarity of what’s expected and will perform all taught behaviors inside your home as well as in all public areas with all kinds of distractions present.

Industry Leading Training

Kroberts k9 offers Private training, Board and train, puppy training options as well as Service Dog training.

Dog training that is unique and different.

We take great pride in the quality of results that we get with every dog we train.

In contrast with other training programs, our program guarantees results that allow you to be able to trust your dog in any environment under a multitude of distractions.

Most people can get their dog to do certain behaviors and be responsive in the comfort of their own home, when they have treats in hand.

This isn’t enough for us!

We want to drastically improve the quality of life you have with your dog, and everything we do is geared toward that goal.

We also take owner education very seriously in all of our programs. Whether it be a board and train or private session program, we ensure the owner has learned all necessary skills in order to continue having success with the dog after our program.



Happy Faces

We Guarantee Our Training Program Will Transform Your Dog Into an Obedient and Well-Mannered Dog.

Our Customers Have Seen Amazing Results They Didn’t Think Was Possible. If You’re Wondering If This Program Will Work For Your Dog, Contact Us For a Free Consultation!

"Kellen is doing an amazing job with Gus. He is so knowledgeable, I had no idea how to even start training. In just a few days it has made a huge difference. I am so happy to be able to take Gus to do things with me now and know I won't have a hard time. Thank you!”
Susan Kimbrell

Angel McConathy

"Kellen has been such a Lifesaver with helping us with our Tucker. Not only has he been teaching him, he has taught us so much also. We were at our wits end but in just a short period of time things have changed so much. It’s been amazing to see just how far our wild child puppy has come. Best decision ever made was calling Krobk9.”

Kirah Clarkson

“I was gifted Envy by a close family friend. I got Envy at a very dark point in my life. Kellen taught me how to work with Envy and how to take care of her. In the first week I was with Envy, I felt like a brand new person. I wasn't afraid anymore, I was happier and more outgoing. I've never met anyone like Kellen. Kellen is a patient, hard-working, kind, and dedicated person. He is a friend and I will never be able to thank him enough for how much he and Envy have helped me.”

Issac Lloyd

“Kellen has been working with my 6-month old puppy to get him ready for the show ring. I believe that he is a great person and a knowledgeable trainer. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great trainer for your dog or puppy.”

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