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  • Long off-leash walks knowing you can fully trust your dog in any situation no matter the distractions.
  • Having a dog that behaves just as good off the leash as it does on the leash.
  • Imagine being able to fully trust your dog and not having to worry about them running off, knowing they will come back every time you call them, even if they see another dog, squirrel or cat!
  • Inviting guest over and not having to hide your dog in another room because of constant jumping and craziness.
  • Your dog not barking all night incessantly.
  • Not having to leave your dog out in the yard all the time because they can’t behave inside the house.

We accomplish all of these things with your dog in our featured program, advanced off-leash obedience. 

Kroberts K9 will take your hyper, jumpy, pushy, anxious, unreliable dog and turn him into a trusted companion that you love and have full confidence taking everywhere with you. 

Dog will learn the following obedience commands and perform them off-leash around all distractions: SIT, DOWN, PLACE (All with implied Stay), RECALL, HEELING/LOOSE LEASH WALKING. We also address all behavioral issues in this program. 

This program is a 4-6 week Board and Train plus a 4 hour go-home lesson to begin transferring all of the training back to the owner. Lifetime support is also available to owners after the go-home lesson. We take as much pride, if not more, in training the owners as we do the dogs. That is where the true success and change will come. Dogs are not robots, they are emotional living creatures and the relationship with the owners is a huge factor in the dogs behavior. Our goal is that you will never have to go to another trainer again, we will always be available to help with any future issues. Once we train your dog, you become part of our family!

We have video updates being put up on our social media during the entirety of your dogs stay with us. We pride ourselves on not only getting amazing training results, but also being transparent and showing as much of the process as possible! This will set you up for lifelong success!!

Price: ( $3,600 )



Here at Kroberts K9 we focus on training dogs and owners to be able to achieve a life of off-leash freedom, and this is accomplished in our featured program. 

However, we do offer a more basic on-leash obedience program. This program covers all behaviors and manners as our advanced program. However, we do not go to the off-leash level and we do not work around the same level of distractions. This program is great for the owner that just wants some basic manners and behaviors from their dog. It will also set a great foundation to be able to get off-leash obedience in the future. 

2-3 week board and train with a  4 HOUR go-home lesson and lifetime support just like our advanced off-leash program. 

Price: ( $2,600 )

* There are a few different payment plans available*



Our puppy program is focused on puppies between 8-20 weeks old.

This program is focused on building the foundation and teaching your puppy how to learn and be prepared for advanced training in the future.

We focus on building engagement and between you and your pup, that way he will be more likely to listen to your commands for life.

In this program we also socialize your puppy to all necessary things during their critical period. Doing this ensures that you will have a well-mannered, stable dog as an adult. We will also start to teach the dog from a young age proper manners in the house. We will also begin crate and potty training and most importantly we will be sure to train YOU the owner how be successful with your puppy as it grows into an adult. 

This program is a 4 week board and train.

Price: ( $3,100 )

* There are different payment plan options available*


Kroberts K9 also offers trained service dogs to people in need. We offer service dogs for things such as:

  • PTSD & anxiety
  • Mobility issues

If you are interested in inquiring about a service dog please fill out our contact form!


  • -Video updates on our social media accounts of training progress
  • Personal video updates as well as analysis of dog and training ideas throughout the process
  • Weekly visits/ training sessions during the duration of the board and train
  • Lifetime behavior insurance- Phone/text support on any issues for the life of the dog. We are family now!
  • Free access for dogs life to our Group classes
  • A great relationship for life with your dog!

Interested In Our Programs?

Send us a message to discuss which program best fits you and your dog, or to ask any more questions you may have! We take a $500 deposit to reserve Board and Train spots!

"We are so happy we found Kellen. He did an amazing job with our 10 month old German shepherd, Gracie. She was very fearful of everyone and only trusted us. She would run and jump and would not come when we called her. This was not good especially since Ed has PD. She is now a completely different girl. She is very well mannered and behaves awesome. She walks beside him on leash and off leash. She comes when we call her and follows ALL commands we give her. Also, Kellen has been over to check on her and train us several times. When he isn't here checking on her he will text to check on her. We have not regretted , not one time, getting Kellen to train her. Kellen knows what he is doing and he loves your dog. As Ed said, Kellen is now family."
Ed & Denise Ramsey

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We do not turn down any dog into our training program, and we will always recommend our ADVANCED PROGRAM for all dogs. We know the results we can achieve with all dogs. Long term results in training comes down to owner commitment. If you are fully committed to your success, we will be sure to do our part in helping you achieve your goals!  

Yes! We train all breeds of dogs and all ages. This includes puppies, older dogs and rescue dogs.

Along with many satisfied clients, I have experience training with high-drive working dogs for law enforcement and the military. I have trained dogs for border patrol, TSA, Department of defense, and multiple police departments.

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